May 17 2009 - Aug 11 2013

Peter Can't Decide On A New Shell: 2009-05-17

Peter has created a bit of a weird schedule for himself lately. He wakes up every day and digs out of whatever hole he slept in the night before. He'll then move around a bet, eventually finding a shell we put in there for him. He will play with it for a while, and eventually switch shells. He then moves around a bit, up to thirty minutes, and then switches back. He'll eventually dig himself a new hole and go to sleep. I think this is because he is undecided about the new shell, even though it's been a few weeks now. I'm trying to find more shells for them, but it's hard finding shells big enough.

The crabs have also been working together when it comes to the wheel. Apollo will sit at the bottom and use his pincers to keep the wheel from moving. Peter will then climb to the top of the wheel, and after a while climb down. It's fun watching them working together, while before they would try to stay at opposite ends of the tank.

I am enjoying my new job at Four Points Sheraton. It's a lot different working in a hotel, for one thing there are a lot more people working there. A lot more people are also immigrants, which takes a bit getting used to. I have trouble understanding their accents, but I'm getting used to it. The food is a lot different, a lot more pan work, and the menu seems rather big, but I've gotten some parts of it down pat, mostly the sandwiches. I'm finding the entrees harder to remember, mostly because I haven't had as much work with them.

I have been busy trying to create a way to easily manage my drafts. So far I haven't gotten anything done, as I keep changing my mind how I want things done. I have managed to organize them somewhat, though I still can't access them on my site. I am hoping to make a way to access them in my admin section, but I've undone everything I've done as I wasn't liking how it turned out. I plan on starting over again sometime, after I've thought more about how I'd like to implement the drafts.

I've floated my idea for a comic through several people, and it's been more expensive than I was hoping for to find an artist. I suppose I can draw them myself, though I do have a distinct lack of talent. I have started trying to draw one of my comic ideas, though I doubt I'll end up with anything I like enough to actually put up.

Diana and I have our wedding social coming up on the 29th. Diana got all the gift baskets together, wrapped and everything, and has all of the plans for the actual social ready. She's done a lot of work for this social and it shows, looks like it's going to be great. I've been doing my best to sell tickets, as has Diana and our friends, and I'm fairly certain the place will be full.

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