May 24 2009 - Aug 11 2013

Chapter 5: Overheard

The man behind the desk was visibly annoyed by the interruption. He stared down the man before the desk, as if trying to literally steal information from the subordinate simply by glaring. The other man coughed, most likely trying to get a reaction to the information he had just given. The bald man behind the desk seemed to ignore it, if anything he just glared at the man with more intent. Finally he spoke.

"What's so interesting about this boy that you want our group to go to all of this trouble to find him?"

"He can walk through almost all material objects."

"Almost all?"

"We don't know what will stop him yet, but there must be something. Everyone can be made a prisoner, we just have to find out how." The man uttered with conviction.

"How does he do it?"

"We don't know."

The bald man glared at this second "don't know". He liked his subordinates to have answers for him, or at least an educated guesses. The second man seemed to pick up on this signal, and became a bit more confident.

"But it's been seen and confirmed by our members; he used this ability to run away from his parents last week."

"How are they?"

"Dead. Car crash last night."

"Our doing?"



"Not that we know of, unless they're sending drunk drivers into cars as some new covert strategy. We believe the only reason the kid survived was because of his ability, he managed to get away with barely a scratch on him."

"When are we picking him up?"

"Soon, we have agents stationed at the orphanage already, we are just waiting for your word to expend our resources to acquire the boy."

"Well do it, he can be a great asset in the future, hell, he could make the perfect assassin."

"Right away sir. I'll lead the operation myself." With that he turned and hurried out the door, glad to be out, and eager to lead an important acquisition.

The listening device carefully planted within the soil of the potted plant in the room had picked up everything, and within minutes Argyle was frantically sending out agents to find the orphanage and more importantly, the boy.

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