Jan 25 2007 - Aug 11 2013

Old LJ Entry: 2007-01-25

Cleaned out my room today and yesterday, moved some stuff around and it looks really good. Book is not being written at all, just haven't bothered to even try with that :( but I should stop procrastinating with that. Diana and I are still together (maybe this will last after all :D). I haven't been on Runescape much, so much so that there is a quest that has been out 2 weeks that I haven't gotten done, tried it once and haven't played since. Had a test in economics yesterday, I think I did better than I thought I was going to do in it. I haven't been managing my money that well, but I'm going to try to start now, no more eating out, except for special occasions like V-day and my B-day and Diana's b-day and Key-con (can't wait, Diana will love it). I don't know what's going to happen for my birthday but I hope it's something big, and inexpensive (ie no casino, maybe a bar though) or a house party (if my mom shall allow for one that is.)

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