Apr 30 2012 - Aug 11 2013

Nutmeg May Be Pregnant: 2012-04-30

Turns out when you get a male cat neutered they can still get a female pregnant for a little while after the surgery. So Diana has become convinced that Nutmeg is pregnant and is going to get her spayed soon. I am personally against this, as she is the only one of Cinnamon's kittens who can have babies. The way I see it the meaning of life is to create more life, to spread your genes as far and as wide as possible, that's why I think Genghis Khan was one of the most successful people in history. I let Cinnamon have babies, so her line can continue, I mean why wouldn't I? She is such a perfect cat, she loves us and we love her, why not let her fulfill her biological obligations? I would have done the same for Shadow and Calvin if I could have. I always feel bad Calvin won't be able to have children, pass his quirks down, he would have been a great father. By stopping Nutmeg from having kittens it invalidates what Cinnamon did, because now her line will still end. I understand everything will end eventually, but I would have liked to keep the line alive at least for my lifetime, beyond that I can't do anything, but at least for the time I exist I can help another creature pass down their precious genes. I would have liked a line of family cats that could be with us until we stop being.

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