Jun 18 2013 - Aug 11 2013

New Phone: 2013-06-18

Finally gave in and got a smartphone, a Nokia Lumia 610 for $75. Also got a new plan with Koodo, $15 a month for unlimited texting, and pay as you go for talking and data. I turned my data off, except for Wi-fi, so I won't pay for that, and I'll try not to talk. I bought 500 minutes to start, and they carry over so I should be good for a while.

Still no news on the basement, haven't even applied for permits yet. The ceiling had been dropped though, along with half the wall. I can't tell for sure, but it looks like there was no insulation in the wall. They are going to start restoration soon. Few weeks ago they patched up the roof, nice and quick too. I've always been suspicious of insurance, but it seems to be working out pretty good for us so far. Nice and quick in patching the roof, and then they are doing the whole living room ceiling and looks like half the wall.

Gigi project is going well, already helped my site code a little. Still going to be a while before I'm willing to really release it, lots of work to be done, bring it up to a better standard.

Work is a bit better now that it's busier, I think I'm getting tired of cooking, but I don't know what else to do.

Doing the floor again in the living room now that they have everything out of there. The laminate we were using has been discontinued so we had to get a matching one, but it doesn't quite fit together. Want it perfect already, might have to re-do the whole thing, but are trying to avoid that.

Ryder is great, he is growing on me everyday. At first I wasn't too sure about him, but the more he moves and squeals and babbles the more I love him. He's very close to crawling I think, almost got the movements down, maybe another month.

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