Apr 29 2012 - Aug 11 2013

New Motherboard: 2012-04-29

I got my new motherboard, CPU, heatsink/fan and RAM this week. Installation took a while as I was waiting for the RAM as it was shipped separately. Had some troubles setting up, power cables to the motherboard were backwards (easy fix), RAM was not reading for a bit (moved it around until it worked,) and then had problems with the hard drive being read, so had to re-install windows, so I've spent the weekend tweaking settings. It's all running really fast now, and I can play Skyrim on the highest settings.

The basement for the house has been delayed until possibly July now, as the people who are going to lift the house are very busy. There may be a problem as we are too close to one of our neighbours and will need to dig a bit on their property. The bigger problem is they appear to only have one door to their house, the side facing our house, so there might be issues getting into the house.

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