Jul 17 2012 - Aug 11 2013

New Garbage/Recycling Bins Have Arrived: 2012-07-17

New bins are here today, to replace the old autobins and recycling bins. Look a lot cleaner and nicer, will be nice to use them.

Oh to make a grammatical note, it is always should have, could have, would have, never should of, could of, would of. It should always be have and not of.

We celebrated two years yesterday, she got me a new knife case and I got her a purse. We went to Red Lobster for lunch, it was very good.

Work is good, still a little sucky at Hu's, making too many simple mistakes, got the sauces mixed up this weekend, was stupid and didn't try them, thought I had them figured out. I should have known better, too many mistakes, too much sauce in some dishes. At Four Points I got to do the order yesterday, hope everything went well. When I did it Friday I ordered 3 side salmon, but they sent me three lox instead. I got a different person than our usual rep so I think that might have been the problem, as I'm sure I said side salmon and not lox. Somehow we did not run out over the weekend. I need to get better at Hu's, and just be on my game and make less mistakes.

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