Nov 15 2011 - Aug 11 2013

New Computer Parts: 2011-11-15

I've gotten my card reader and Blu-Ray Player today. The reader and player are both installed in my computer tower now, the player just needs a SATA cable and it's good to go (didn't come with one apparently, wish I knew ahead of time). So tomorrow I'll get a SATA cable and test that out too. My reader is working fine, it has to connect to the USB though, can't connect straight to the motherboard, which is weird for an internal drive. It did have wires that led out of the case, through the back, and then you could connect to the USB through that. Sadly my case is a bit too big for the wires to reach from the front, through the back and to the USB, so I had to get them to fit through the front. It doesn't look as good as I wished, but it does the job. There was a nice big ball of dust underneath the computer, right below the power supply, so I know the fans are doing their job well.

Went in for the baby appointment today, still couldn't hear the heartbeat yet, as the baby is still too young. We go back in 4 weeks and will have an ultrasound, so hopefully we know what we are going to have.

Work is getting better, I'm taking charge more, and Jamie read this blog and we had a good long talk, and things have been changing for the better. There is no more smoking in the garbage room starting today, see how Jeff takes it, he didn't seem too upset by it last week, so we'll see how he does now that it's actually in affect. It already smells better in there, and they are cleaning it out really well with an ozone/ionizing machine right now.

Loving Skyrim very much, and yes I was pronouncing it wrong this whole time. I'm almost up to 40 hours in it, and I've just started. I'm a little sad my computer couldn't handle it on highest detail, or even second highest. It is still very impressive. I can play on high without too much lag, but it gets annoying when you play a few hours in a row you start to really notice the lag. I'm willing to give up graphics for better gameplay. I'm very excited for all the mods that will be coming out, I hear the mod community for the Elder Scrolls is great, and I've already seen some nice graphic mods.

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