Nov 23 2009 - Aug 11 2013

Moved Into House, New Cat, Very Busy: 2009-11-23

Things are going great, though very tired. Moved into the new house, almost got everything unpacked, there is a just a lot of things I want to move into the attic. Got a cat, Cinnamon, and plan on getting a second one very shortly to keep her company, they will both be female. Feel bad about the hamsters, like we're neglecting them, but then just no time to play with them with all the packing and unpacking. A few things irk me about the house, they were supposed to have new windows, but still a lot of condensation is building up on the inside, which means either they were cheap windows or sealed badly. There are also lots of fruit flys around,I hope to take care of that though. Guess we'll see how bad the first few bills are. Lots to do around the house, so that keeps me busy, no more being bored all the time. I was sick all week, which made the move that much more difficult, fever up to 104 F. Lastly a big shout out to Colin, who really helped move everything on the big day, couldn't of done it without him.

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