Jan 17 2013 - Aug 11 2013

Monsters In The House: 2013-01-17

I tried to ignore the noises they made as they rampaged through my house, pulling the blankets close to my wife and I to try to stay safe and warm. I believe I heard one of them knock over a chair. They ran back and forth across the house, quite possibly playing tag or some other similar game. Occasionally one of them would make their way into the bedroom where Diana and I huddled together. One of them scratched at me for a while, while another one bit at my face and hair. Another went after my feet, sinking his sharp teeth into my toes. The one that was biting and pulling my hair stopped and shoved his ass into my face, in what I hope is a friendly manner. I picked him up and turned him around, and as I stared in his ravenous eyes I knew it was time to feed the cats.

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