Jun 06 2012 - Aug 11 2013

Made A Vegan Happy Today: 2012-06-06

Made a vegan at work happy today. She asked to speak to the chef because she wanted to know what she could eat. I'm not good at talking to people, especially on the spot, I like to think of the conversation in advance and work it out a few times before saying anything (though this doesn't stop me from saying stupid things). Anyway she came away from the conversation with only french fries and steamed veggies, which I found very sad. So I took a falafel patty from the lunch special, cut some flat bread into 2 circles to make a bun, served with grilled asparagus, portobello mushrooms, and raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Really made me day today, that I was able to provide a good level of service. I mean that's why I love cooking so much, being able to make people happy. So bring on all the modifiers, I will make you as happy as I possibly can. Just felt really great to make someone a meal they truly enjoyed. It was more than enough to know I was able to blow her expectations completely away, just make her so incredibly happy.

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