Feb 22 2012 - Aug 11 2013

Lost Walkman: 2012-02-22

Lost my Sony Walkman yesterday, very sad that I lost it. It was my Christmas present from Diana. I had recently gotten a new knife from Wall-Mart, and when taking it to work I guess I cut a hole in my pocket. My battery had died so I put the walkman in my pocket, not knowing there was a hole, and it must of slipped out.

Today Diana when to the hospital, I had a bit of an adventure. after about three hours of waiting she sent me to go put more money in the meter. I had put the money in the pocket with the hole and lost most of it. After searching for about half an hour I asked a parking officer if they've ticketed it yet. He called his partner and she had. He lead me to the car and his partner ending up switching it to a warning because I've been at the hospital for so long. It then took me another half hour to find my way back to the hospital, but from what Diana says the baby is doing good.

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