May 29 2022 - May 29 2022

Logan Riding Bike: 2022-05-29

Busy week, Logan has really picked up riding his 2 wheel bike now, from start to finish. Getting very good at staying straight and working on his braking. Love his enthusiasm for it and dedication, just kept practising and didn't stop once he got started.

Ryder still isn't too into it, does it a bit but needs help to start, and once gets a little frustrated he just stops, prefers his quad I guess.

Kids have been sick all week, but got a lot done outside. Diana made new garden beds out of old pallets, cleaned up the yard a bit and we had a new catio delivered which attaches to our basement window, hoping keeps cats happy and lot less wandering around the block.

Work is good, lots of fun which is what is important, though money is always good too lol. Happy with the food I'm making though. Now I just need to get in better shape, my gut is way too big and I'm out of breath way too easily. But it mostly comes down to diet and exercise I guess, so in a battle of wills food always wins.

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