May 17 2011 - Aug 11 2013

Little Life Update: 2011-05-17

Drain is draining, it was on our side, Diana called Roto Router again and they cleared our line, bunch of leaves and sticks were stuck in it, same as last fall.

Only have a few trophies to get in Portal 2, Still Alive being a hard one, trying to not die the entire time, as I am usually pretty reckless.

I guess I won't be going to Key-con this year, not enough money saved up for it, guess I'll just have to enjoy myself extra hard next year.

Starting the garden now, Diana is taking care of all of that. Almost all of the finishing details are done in the computer room, just need to fix by the door.

I like closing, though wish Diana would let me bike home, feel so rushed knowing she's waiting for me.

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