Jan 20 2012 - Aug 11 2013

Life In General: 2012-01-20

It's been a while since I've blogged, I tend to change that and start sharing more/writing more again. I have gone the whole new year without pop so far, I hit three weeks today. At first it was tough, the first week was really tough, but now I'm actually getting used to it. Week one was probably when all that extra sugar left my system and I was feeling really moody and tired. Now that the sugar is gone I'm sleeping better and have more energy throughout the day, instead of just in spurts. Week two was the hardest, as every time I ate something I wanted a coke to drink it down, especially after something rich or something cheesy, like a pizza. After finishing the third week I can say the cravings are still there but they are decreasing, I am getting used to being coke free, and every time I eat is a little easier to avoid getting that pop. Next step is to try and eat healthier, that will be harder on me probably as I love my fatty foods.

I joined a dodgeball team on a whim. Might help me get into shape, though I'm not sure how much actual playtime I'll get as we are a really large team. First game is this Sunday, I hope it'll be fun.

I got my new solid state hard drive, and upgraded my computer to Windows 7 64-bit. The computer seems to be running a lot faster, though the initial start-up is a bit slower. Next is the really big upgrade, the motherboard, CPU, and RAM. I'm really happy with this one right now, as I can play Skyrim on ultra settings without any real noticeable lag. I put a lot of work into the upgrade, copying all my settings over from the old hard drive. I formatted the old hard drive and am using it for storage, formatting was a little difficult as there were permission errors, but eventually I figured it out. Also forgot to disable the caps lock at first, a minor annoyance when I accidentally hit it.

Work has been good and bad. The last few weeks were way too slow, but this week was really good and busy. Got into it with Jeff yesterday, as he was not paying attention to food quality again. There was an insert of cut cucumbers that I left in the cold side line window, that were no good as they were starting to soften too much, and some metal pieces (a screw, couple of washers) managed to make their way into the insert. It was probably sitting out of the cooler in the window for two hours. Jeff comes on line and being the cook he is puts the insert back in the cooler, somehow missing the screws and washers in it. He then cuts up some new cucumbers and puts them on top of the old cucumbers, totally ignoring FIFO. He says he will flip the inserts later, but for that time the inserts aren't flipped he is using new product instead of old product, it's one of my huge pet peeves with him. Besides the fact that he isn't properly stocking the line, which I usually ignore as it's an argument that he won't listen to, there were pieces of metal in the insert. When I noticed this I made sure to throw the insert out this time, to make sure that the metal pieces aren't actually in the food, or touching food we serve, basic sanitation. He gets angry at me, telling me not to touch his side of the line. I am first cook, the whole line is my responsibility to look after, and I'm tired of him ruining food quality. I'm not letting this go, and I'm going to start to be on him more about food quality, I need to be more confident and just stick to my guns and confront him whenever there is an issue on line.

Diana and I are trying to have a baby again, I'm really hoping it will happen. Cats are all good, not fond of staying inside for the winter though. House is doing good, got vent covers to direct the heat more towards the center of the room, and put insulation on the pipes to keep hot pipes hot. Also considering doing the same for the ducts, but will have to wait. The cats have been pooping in the soil under the basement again, was hard but I cleaned most of it up. Have someone coming next week to look at the basement, might have a full basement put in.

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