Jul 29 2008 - Aug 11 2013

Chapter 4: Last Words

Grand-Papa told me three things before he left me many years ago, three things which are with me to this day. These three things have been going through my head ever since that fateful day he got up a hour earlier than usual and woke me up to tell them to me. I have not seen or heard from him since, but his last three commands to me continue to go through my head to this day, guiding me, like an angel's wing. Whenever I question or I doubt, I think of Grand-Papa and how he was such a great man. How he seemed to know everything, but he'd let me keep my secrets, even when I wasn't sure they were still secret. I remember how he took me in when Papa and Mama died, how he cared for me until I was eleven, when he had to leave to do whatever he needed to do. I think through his words, always trying to find hidden meanings, always taking new meanings from them, always trying to live up to them. I wrote them down as soon as he left so as to not forget, though it was a pointless endeavor, for I would never forget Grand-Papa's last words to me.

One, Be A Man: Take responsibility for all of your actions, the good and the bad, the easy and the hard, they are yours to make, and they will be yours whether they lead you to success or failure, never deny them, for then you deny yourself. Stand up to the height of your actions, for as they make you, you too shall make them. If you later find yourself regretting your actions ask yourself why, why do I regret these choices of mine, and question, always question, until you once again reach inner harmony, for that is the only way to ensure you will not go through life regretting all of your endeavors. Never act knowing you will later regret it, every action you make must be with the full commitment of your heart, mind, and soul.

Two, Be A Human: Give everything their proper respect, the young and old, the weak and frail, men and women, animals and plants, sentient or not, this land has provided you with everything you shall ever need, treat it in kind, do no harm when harm was not done. Be poetic, be great, treat the union between your self and your body as sacred, respect both in turn and take care of them both equally. Take everything in stride, be compassionate, be caring, be ruthless, but never heartless. Remember where you came from, and honor thy home, thy family, and thy land, for they will shape you into the man you need to be.

Three, Do Not Go Through The Cave: I leave you behind to guard The Cave, but under no circumstances are you to go through The Cave to the other end, or allow any others to go through. There will be a time when people will come seeking The Cave, do not let any of them through. The Cave is not for them, not yet.

I continue even now to think through these words of wisdom of his, even now as I watch this shadow of a man attempting to make his way to The Cave. To abandon his words now would be foolish, and it would make me a hypocrite, to let Grand-Papa's last message to suddenly fall on deaf ears, when now, more so than ever before, they should be booming in my head. I think ahead, and I prepare, and I make my own way to The Cave.

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