Jun 17 2022 - Jun 17 2022

June Fun: 2022-06-17

Lots I want to talk about, but I work in a place that isn't an office job so not a lot of time to sit and get thoughts down. Hate how much I want to say, then when I am at home I forget most of what I want to type and get out and just release. So much in my head I feel I need to get out just to say it somewhere even if no one reads to just have said it, a million thoughts biking to work or just throughout the day, but get on the computer so rare. I miss writing/typing, getting thoughts out, making up stories. Blogging. Hoping can do better soon.

One thing I notice with how I view words, and especially names. Is I like to count how many letters there are. Like for example I always look at the first letter of a name, then number of letters, so Chris, Corey, Craig, all seem almost the same to me. I like when it "evens out" to 10 so I use all my digits. As a kid I'd used to try to make my sentences be in some kind of multiple of 10, or at least in my head come up with phrases that do.

Issue with cats peeing everywhere in the house. Very sad as we've been a cat house for so long without issues, now it seems they are all doing it. Don't want to be that smelly house, but it's a constant daily thing now. Peed in my backpack last night even, after it was on the table for 5 minutes. Think might be just too many male cats in the house, and especially without Calvin to kind of be in charge it's a very different atmosphere now. Iggy and Muu always looked up to him as a kind of dad, and things were very clear. With salt and pepper and now Jack they seem to be having a piss off and just constantly peeing on everything and ruining important things like lego books that can't really be washed. It is very frustrating and just miss the Calvin days.

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