Jul 17 2022 - Jul 17 2022

July - Cheek Biting: 2022-07-17

Been nice and hot out, enjoying the heat. Still working on registering for city council. Lot more work to get name on ballet then hoped, but getting everything sorted with the official agent and learning a lot, so it is a good process. Now I have an agent and auditor, need to get the bank account sorted so had to cancel my first registration appointment as was not prepared.

Life is good otherwise, feeling more energy, more help around the house. Rough last few weeks with my stomach, working on that but I think I am cutting beans out of my diet. Not sure if that is the issue or not, if something has changed or just getting older and can't tolerate what I used to tolerate. Been lots of cramping, diarrhea, gas, bloating going on. But better now and trying to come back strong.

Amelia told me how she bites her cheeks, and reminds me of one of the quirky things I did as a child, always biting them. I'd try to bit the inside until it was smooth, then bite that when it got hard. Sometimes the front on my mouth as well, I'd like to bite and pull the flesh with my teeth. See how big of a smooth area I could make. I guess I was making blisters or such in my mouth as it would heal, and remember kind of liking the taste of the iron/blood, or at least found it interesting. Reminds me too how I used to always pen flip. No crazy flips, I'd like it when it would just do one complete flip and catch it. Over and over, just keep me busy and easier to focus on other things if my hands were busy.

Daisy can be so funny and protective with Jack. Already doesn't like Iggy, despite getting along before Jack because Iggy looks like the cat few houses down that Jack sometimes gets into heated discussions with. She also doesn't let Jack play with the other cats. The other night, late at night when they were playing daisy suddenly gives off a growl she rarely does, barks, then runs and breaks them up.

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