Apr 22 2009 - Aug 11 2013

Images Update: 2009-04-22

I have just updated my images page, now I can upload them through the admin section of my website instead of always through the FTP. I have also made the images page display the images as thumbnails instead of simply the text title of the image. I have done this because thumbnails are simply more appealing than a great big wall of text linking to images, and now people will have a better idea of what they are getting when they click on a link. This will in turn ensure more image updates as it is now easier to update, I upload an image and it saves two copies of it, the original and a 100x100 thumbnail of it. The thumbnail copy appears in my images gallery, to help reduce the load on my images gallery, and links to the page the image appears on. I went about this change for a few reasons, a while ago I asked people what should be changed about my site, and a majority answer was more pictures. As well as I've been building Colin his new site it has become apparent he will need to be able to upload images onto the server through the web, I have now got the template for this made. I plan on updating a lot more frequently in the summer, I will try to alternate between a text update and an image update.

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