Apr 21 2013 - Aug 11 2013

I Live To Serve: 2013-04-21

I am a cook, I love cooking, and I love making people happy with my food. I love to serve, to make people happy. I see a mod as an opportunity, sure everyone likes a burger, but this person likes their burger this way, and it's a chance to make them even happier, to fulfill my role even more. If it's 10:10 and entrees stop at 10pm, I'll be more than happy to make them ribs or whatever, I'll even make ribs anytime of the day, because it's what the guest wants, and what I want is to make the guest happy, that is my goal.

I hate being told not to do something because it's the wrong time, or because it's not technically on the menu. If I can make the guest what they want in a quick and timely manner without making other guests suffer I will, someone wants cheese sauce, I'll take five minutes and whip some up. As long as they are charged appropriately I don't see the problem, the guest is happy, I'm happy, the server is happy, and we made money. What does it matter if I do something early or late, no matter the time of day I will make you want you want.

The place I work at has been so slow lately as well, so I am always very bored, so I always have time to do a special request without hurting other guests bill times. I get that we don't want them to expect this every time they visit, but if we can do it why not? Why not go above and beyond for a guest, make their day? If I make someone smile I smile, and that's how I want to live by. I refuse to be bound by rules saying I can't make someone happier, fire me if you want, but I will never not do something if I am able to.

I always strive to make my food tastier, have better presentation, come out quicker, and just blow them away. When I come up with a special I always try my best to make it stellar, sometimes they don't look the best or they seem weird, but I love trying new things with food, and I want people to experience that. One time I made a black bean apricot paste that tasted great, didn't look as nice, but with some green onion curls on top it was good to serve. Some people might think it was weird, but I think it was a new way to try food, something different. I am always wanting new things, or improving on old things.

Tthe only thing I want is to make the guest as happy as possible, because that makes me as happy as possible. I get my best joy knowing someone thoroughly enjoyed food I prepared for them, and the more mods or add-ons or whatever they put on the more I know I am able to make them happy, to tailor their meal as close to them as possible. If someone wants to order off menu, let them as long as it doesn't slow us down it shouldn't be a problem, making them happy should be our number one priority, because it should make us happy.

In the end it comes down to what is my job? Is it my job to make food, or is it to provide the guest with a satisfying experience? I believe it is my job to satisfy the guest, that is my goal and I am sticking to it. I make food, but only because that is what the guest wants, I am in this to make people happy, to cater to their whims and desires, to satisfy them in any way I can with the tools and ingredients I have at hand. If that means making an egg white omelette at 6 P.M. fine, as long as I don't have other orders backing up I'll do that for you. There are those who are in this to cook, and don't get me wrong I love food and doing great things with it, and also there are those who are in this to cater to the guests, and that's what I'm here to do, cater to the guests. I just want to make people happy, I live to serve.

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