Sep 10 2013 - Sep 10 2013

Iggy: Lost And Found: 2013-09-10

Found Iggy a couple of days ago, less than 24 hours after he was lost. He was found in the neighbour's garage about 4 houses down. The kid came to us and asked if he was ours due to us always letting our cats out. Managed to drag him out and get him inside and fed. Got a few scratches but he's a happy cat now.

Work is coming along, the kitchen is still a bit far behind, so not too sure when I'll be cooking again. We do have most of the paperwork done though, all the recipes typed up, contact lists, prep lists, order forms, inventory forms, waste sheets, temp charts, schedules, and whatever else we've had to come up with. Tomorrow we start to work on the stocks in the Four Points kitchen. Been keeping busy moving things around now, started to get the big orders in, lots of laundry, and various things for guest rooms and the rest of the hotel.

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