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HP Too Black And White: 2011-07-15

The thing that bothered me about the HP universe is the notion that all Slytherins were bad. I understood it in the first few books, when things were simpler, but as things got more complicated I would of liked to see a lot more good Slytherins, and maybe some bad Gryffindors or Ravenclaws. It just seems if you were of the three good houses you were good, and Slytherins were all evil.

Yes I know Snape was good, and Draco had a change of heart, but when she just rejects the entire house in the movie (or in the book when they all leave voluntarily), it just really bothered me. Besides 1 character in each house (Wormtail and Snape) the houses were very black and white.

This reminds me a lot of Redwall, at first I didn't mind the fact that all the rats were evil, and all the mice were good, but when after book after book it never changes, that if you're a mouse you are good, and a rat is evil, it bothers me and it nags at me until I can't really enjoy the books anymore. I know the Redwall books have been called racist, I wouldn't go that far but to call them simple-minded. It breaks from my enjoying of a series when everything is so black and white. HP just didn't seem realistic enough to keep my suspension of disbelief, I lost it like I lost it with the Redwall series, and it just doesn't hold me anymore.

It just seems to stand out a lot as well because the sorting hat said all the houses need to work together, and they sort of did, if you count the profs. It seems like Hogwarts shouldn't have been saved since they didn't really work together, even though a lot of Slytherins house didn't turn traitor they didn't help either, in fact not one of the Slytherins students helped to defend the school.

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