Sep 05 2017 - Sep 05 2017

House Fire: 2017-09-05

So there was a very serious house fire on Sunday around noon. Started in our bedroom, with our bed being engulfed in flames. Everyone is okay, still just 1 cat missing. Still not sure on status of desktop, hopefully it didn't have too much smoke damage. Half the fish are still alive, we had to move them to 1 tank, some didn't make the move, and others in another tank didn't survive at all.

Lost a few favourites, my zebra cichlid, the very bright yellow one, the jewels, my angel fish and many others. Lost 1 of the plecos, and yesterday I had to give up my favourite pleco, the one who lived in the 100 gallon. He was so big, loved digging in the substrate and hiding in things. The zebra had loved to be in his house, made it his own and kept the others out. Would always come out for food and then skirt back in. The cichlids on the other tank, no matter what random time they'd get fed, would see me feeding the one tank and all gather around the corner for their food.

Things I'll miss:

  • My red silk shirt from Japan.
  • The cabinet I had gotten from work that used to be the old phone table.
  • The 16 foot doctor who scarf Diana made for me.
  • The firefly scarf Diana made for me.
  • Two very special paintings I had gotten from Keycon.

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