Feb 14 2009 - Aug 11 2013

Hamtaro's Sunflower Seed Addiction: 2009-02-14

The hamsters and crabs are adjusting well to life at Diana's parent's house. Peter has disappeared into his new home, digging somewhere underneath all the new peat. Apollo will dig under and re-emerge every few days, right now he has dug back up and is sleeping in his house. We think Peter is moulting, which would explain his prolonged absence, he hasn't come back for about a week, two weeks now. We've been told not to go looking for the crabs, we could end up hurting them and they will re-surface on their own.

Remmy has taken to sleeping in one of his tubes now, though he is only always half on this tube. There is a turn tube at the bottom of his tubes that he uses to access his tubes, followed by a long tube extending out of his cage horizontally, he is sleeping where the two meet, with his hamster ass sticking out of the long tube and almost hovering above the turn tube. I don't know how he manages to sleep like that but he does.

Hamtaro has become very energetic and runs whenever given the chance, even more than before. He has recently taken to sleeping underneath the "noiseless" wheel he has, in fact all the hamsters seem to have dug themselves a little place under their noiseless wheels, Rommy sleeps and eats there, but he also sleeps in his home a lot, Remmy will sleep there sometimes, but the vast majority of the time he is still in his house.

Well Hamtaro has taken after his namesake, recently we bought a big bag of sunflower seeds, unsalted, whole and shelled. I poured a bit over all their cages as a little treat. All the hamsters seemed to enjoy the treat, but Hamtaro went crazy for them, immediately hoarding them all into her house. I fed her a bit through the bars, and she seemed to really like that, she ran around really excited after that, and eventually I filled her cheek pouches with the seeds. She dropped them off in her outhouse, it was an amazing sight as she forced all of these seeds out of her mouth. She now keeps coming back to those bars, begging for seeds. Today I let her out in the playpen, and put the maze we just got in with her, with the seeds inside. She went through the maze like crazy, gobbling up any seeds that came near her. I'm going to have to cut her off soon, she has so many seeds stashed away in her house she could last a week at least on just the seeds. I usually let her out in her outhouse, one of the few ways to get to her now, and now she has taken to clawing at her outhouse to be let out. It's as if she figures if she can be let out she's got a chance to find more sunflower seeds.

There has been a problem with Hamtaro's ball lately, she's been escaping from it. I'm not sure if it's the ball or her, but every time we put her in there in under 30 minutes she's running free again. I had put her in there today after taking pity on her watching her claw at her outhouse, and sure enough she escaped and I couldn't find her. After desperate searching I placed some sunflower seeds on the floor, and sure enough she comes running out to gobble them up. I put her back in her cage, she seems satisfied for now.

For V-day I made Diana 21 love certificates on Publisher, I put a bit of time into it and made them look nice and professional, with the fine print, expiry date, company name, address etc. I printed them off and then wrote in a bunch of stuff, "1 Free Neck Rub", "1 Free full Body Massage, etc. She really loved it when I gave it to her, even made her cry a little. We kind of celebrated on Thursday, when we had the afternoon together, since today she is working in the morning and I'm working at night.

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