Apr 10 2017 - Apr 10 2017

Got Turtle: 2017-04-10

Good day today, hectic with the kids but good. Always good to remember how awesome people are. So went to pick Ryder up from school, accidentally left my phone behind, realized after a daycare child was picked up and I went to check the time. Quickly packed kids back up and went to retrace my steps, no phone, even tried the office.

Get back home to find the other parent beat me home, and then the dogs escaped (again, those sneaky girls). Chased them around the neighbourhood trying to watch them and my kids, and Ryder wanting to help catch them. Could only find one leash so when I finally caught them (they wore each other out basically) I looped one end around one, and then around the other I put through the handle in a kind of loop so it was basically a double ended leash. I then very slowly made our way back home with the kids and dogs. Thank you to everyone for being so understanding and those who tried to help catch them!

I then got home and Diana messaged me saying the person who found the phone called her and I can go pick up, she met me there. Luckily her son found it and brought it home to her, very grateful again!

Then Diana found a post for a good priced turtle, which we went to pick up after swimming lessons for the boys. He was named Mikey because of the orange, but is now Leo because that's Ryder's favourite turtle.

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