Apr 23 2011 - Aug 11 2013

Goodbye Remmy: 2011-04-23

Remmy, the last of my hamsters, has now passed away. He was going for a little bit, unable to get into his tubes anymore, but he kept going strong. Yesterday he could no longer move and by this morning he has passed away. Although it's nice to have a guest room, Remmy and all my my hamsters will be missed.

Apollo also passed away sometime in the winter, so I only have one hermit crab right now, I guess Peter will be lonely until I get him someone new to play with.

We've taken apart the stairs and started to seal up the walls behind them, I am then going to put in new stairs, and we are putting drywall around the sides where the carpet on the walls used to be. The bathroom is back to normal, all nice and painted, and I hope to have the basement back soon too.

The drain for the basement backed up a little yesterday, we still don't have anything down there, so it's no big deal, but it is a pain in the ass as the basement is finally dry. I had Roto Router come out a few times, they said our lines are cleaned, and I've asked them twice about a back flow valve and they've said they'd call back but they never have. I ended up getting one from Home Depot, but it wasn't a tight enough fit, so it came loose when the water came up. I think the problem is on the back of the box there is a picture that shows screws that expand the rubber band to tighten it, but on the ones we've gotten from Home Depot there are no screws. I will try another company for a new back flow valve.

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