Sep 19 2022 - Sep 19 2022

Goodbye BUY/SELL WINNIPEG: 2022-09-19

Below I will post the good-bye message for BUY/SELL WINNIPEG.

Unfortunately Facebook has decided to remove our Buy/Sell Winnipeg group with 200k members, 1000s of posts a day helping the community buy and sell used goods and services to each other, and a good way to help support small local businesses. That group has been built up over the last 8 or 9 years, and contained a lot of helpful resources including our files, guides, pinned posts which included details on various scam alerts to help keep members of the community safe and educated, what to watch out for. Thank you all who helped make it what it was, the 1000+ posts a day, 5k+ comments a day, saw some really great things there and I would often buy and sell used items through there myself as well.

We knew this was likely coming for a while, we have worked hard to work with Facebook, though they will often remove things for vague reasons without showing us what was removed, leaving us guessing on what actions we need to take. We have had various emails sent to us over time, with vague warnings, not saying what specific item was removed. We would message the person, when they would say the name, and remove anything possibly related. We never allowed knock-off items of name brands, but we also stopped allowing anything name brand that appeared to be trademarked as well, used items that could otherwise be legally sold. We took the group private, and tried reaching out to Facebook on what we need to do as best as we could, to no response. It obviously wasn't enough.

We have our backup group BUY/SELL WINNIPEG though not as much attention has been paid to it and it needs some TLC, the admin assist isn't properly set up, it lacks the rules and guides of the previous group, and all the helpful tips to avoid EMT scams. Some of this was backed up and we will be working on bringing it to the group in the next week or so, lots of other things are lost forever.

Thank you all and take care.

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