Feb 15 2012 - Aug 11 2013

Going Alright: 2012-02-15

Work has been rather busy, as we are rather short-staffed lately, which is good, keeps me busy. I'm taking more and more charge of the kitchen, still learning new things every day. I heard tonight was rather busy, wish they would of called me, what's the point of telling everyone to call if it gets busy, and then no one calls? How am I supposed to show I would make a good chef if I don't get to show up and pull a hero every now and then. I want to help keep the kitchen great, maybe I should of just randomly shown up anyway, can't trust people to call me it seems, this isn't the first time it has happened; can't trust most of the night staff it seems. Just going to have to really bug people about everything, make sure everyone does a good job, I want to shine.

Thinking about doing the basement, means we'll have to be out of the house for 2 months and will add another 65k to the mortgage (as Diana doesn't want to put any of our savings towards it). I love the idea, and we do need a bigger house, and I would hate to move again, but I would really love to just be able to start putting something towards the principal amount instead of just making the minimum payments every month. I know we can afford the extra 2-300 hundred this will put on us a month, but if we don't do this perhaps we could start putting 300 a month towards the principal? Even if we do this hopefully we can start maybe putting 100 or so a month towards the principal, at least it would be a start, I hate having all this debt so much.

I wish Mom would of let me take applied math right now, would be a lot more helpful than pre-calc ever was, at least then it would have had real life applications. Pre-calc has done nothing for me, it really was a huge waste of my time. I understand that having a good math background is important, but I think applied would of been a lot more useful to me as I would of learned about all of this instead of playing catch up now. Oh well, can't change the past.

Been a really nice winter, for once, actually not hating being in Winnipeg. If it's like this every year I might not want to move down south as much.

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