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Glasses: 2022-12-08

Hey so meant to write earlier but I always put this off. Ryder writing daily in his journal though reminds me why I have a blog, to catalogue my life no matter how monotone it is so I can look back and remember, and have something for my children to read and understand me better.I have thousands of images and videos to post, where I post more to other social media as a way I think the internet has involved, instead of millions of blogs it's always 1 big site to share on. YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, whatever. And it is nice to share to an audience. But it is good to remember to never trust the big sites. You give up control to what is shared there, they can delete it at will, the photos or your entire profile. It is good to have some kind of back-up of all media that you control, why I have this site, I control the media so I know it will not be deleted, it will always be there, and I have back-ups of the website as well of course. May just be talking to myself, but it is there for me when I need it. I'd like to put up more recipes and whatever, thoughts, stories, get back to writing. Find something to make me feel fulfilled at times, and maybe if I stuck at writing I'd be more decent with it by now. Though I always seem to find distractions, games to play that require daily play, videos to mindlessly watch, some project or other to suddenly undertake.

Nice to have the last few days off, been relaxing, trying to find that inner joy. So I lost the election, though I feel good with the effort I managed to put in, wish I could have taken time off work and done more, but I'm not sure I could have won it, people will vote how they vote, but it was great talking to people, online or in person, though I did like the online aspect a bit more, answering e-mails, reading, do a lot of research on different things.Learned a lot about how the city runs and different programs they offer, gives a bit of hope knowing how many great people are out there trying to make a difference. I'm going to try to keep advocating for things such as cycling infrastructure and environmental concerns. The first few weeks after the election I was very sure I would run again, but now I am a bit more iffy with Diana's MS diagnosis, will see what 4 years look like.

Wearing glasses now. Do like the blue frame, suits me. Shaved off the beard that I've been growing for that last few years, kind of really miss it, though I do look good, I think I looked good with a full long beard as well. Not sure I'll grow it back soon, but it was nice to kind of have that shocking factor, no beard, new glasses, looked very different. Been a bit getting used to, I feel I am having less headaches and my eyes are less squinty, especially my left eye, which tended to always feel sore and hurt waking up. Often when I'd wake up I'd just not want to open that eye. Things did appear closer, the ground was closer and everyone looked a lot shorter, like legs looked absurdly short for a bit and I felt super tiny. Biking was weird, the bike looked too close to the ground. After 3 or 4 days though and wearing them constantly I seemed to have adjusted and things appear a bit more nominally proportioned again, though my eyes hurt less, I can see better, and my eyes look more open. I feel all my photos the last few years my eyes had a terrible squint to them. Being with Diana so long I have been pretty good at caring for the glasses, keeping them safe and clean.

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