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Geek Girl Challenge: 2011-02-04

I have recently joined the Geek Girl Winnipeg, blogging challenge. I joined because it sounded fun, and it would give me something new and different to write about. It's sort of like school where we have tasks, except these are blogging tasks. The main appeal behind this is not to get me blogging more, but just to get me blogging differently.

I started this site initially as a place to store all my short stories and poems, something I haven't worked on in a while now. This is like an archive of self, a way for me to be remembered should I ever die, I want to get as many thoughts down, memories, stories etc. as I can. I recently added images to my site, so this site now also serves as a way for me to organize all the pictures I've ever taken; I'm working on adding videos next. I've tried many different things, to a fledgling webcomic, to a meek recipe database, the one thing that unites everything on this site is it speaks something of me. My hobbies change, my attention is drawn to something else, so I don't write anymore, I've abandoned the webcomic, my recipes are still all hand-written, but I still continue to work on this site, to add, modify, improve. I would love to get back to my writing, not to ever get published, just as a hobby.

Another main purpose for this site is for me to work on my web coding skill set. I have always been fascinated with computers, and I've done all the coding for this site, mostly in PHP now. I continue to learn more, and as such this site continues to expand and improve, and I'm able to help other amateur web developers more and more. I hope to eventually release my code as a CMS, like WordPress, but I still have a lot of work to do before it will be up to par for public use.

I continue to blog, with or without readers, because this is for me, my legacy, my memory. I love looking back on old posts, old images, fixing old code, this is one of my biggest hobbies. This way I know that no matter what, as long as I live I will still have some memory of what I did, and still be able to spew out my craziness to the non-listening world.

Work is still work, always learning a little, steadily improving. Canada Post was a fun week, but now that it's over it's back to the same old. I've gotten better at keeping control of the line, and I'm slowly learning more chef duties, like how to edit the Squirrel POS. I sleep too much, or am at least in bed too long, so by the time I get up I have almost no time and have to rush to work. I spend 8-10 hours a day in bed on average, just wasting the little time I seem to have. I have been getting better since I've quit drinking pop, and have been able to get up sooner than I used to, however last few days I've been drinking pop again, and Diana left some root beer in the fridge for me, so sleep has been uneasy again. I dream a lot too, and I think I spend so much time asleep because I want to just live in my dreams. I remember one the other night where I was talking to Gigi and he told me something about a man with a red shovel. Last night I remember eating at the Royal Fork with Dee. Even after I'm no longer tired I stay in bed just so I can dream. There's just something so interesting about dreaming I don't want to leave the bed, I don't want the dreams to end.

The cats have figured out how to get into Diana's underwear and sock drawer, and they now love playing/sleeping in there, they seem to stay away from my drawer. Diana is out of town for today, it will be my first night alone in years, I am and am not looking forward to it. Honestly it seems kind of scary being the only one in the house, but at least I got my cats. It will be nice to have a day without her, if only for that it is something different, a new experience, a challenge.

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Danielle - 2011-02-04 19:20:46:

Hi, Nice to see you joining the challenge. I'm sure you'll have a good time. :) Looking forward to getting to know you better.

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