Aug 20 2008 - Aug 11 2013

Game Doing Well: 2008-08-20

So my Green Glass Door game is doing good, I'm expanding it right now to make it more complex, it now has a solution, or rather if you guess the secret it will let you know. I am also in the process of tailoring the answers, so instead of a dull "it goes through or it doesn't" it now gives an example of what does or does not go through as well. I also now log what people put into the guess box, so I can better tailor the game, so now I know what words people are guessing and come up with a specific scenario for that word.

As well today cleaned out the hamsters cage, and cleaned out their houses as well. I finally know why Ebichu has refused to sleep in her house for the last few days, it is absolutely crammed full of food. In fact she has hoarded so much food she has begun to store it on the side of her house as well. We were able to fill a foot and a half of tubing with food, to get an idea of how much she has hoarded. I guess I should stop filling her dish when it gets empty, I think she's just emptying it now to get me to give her more food, she can be tricky like that. My attempts to mate them have been unsuccessful so far, Ebichu just keeps trying to kill Hamtaro. I try to mate them while Ebichu is in heat, and I try to follow the signs, but whenever I put them close to each other she just gets vicious, while he remains his cheery usual self. I am beginning to think it won't happen, which isn't the end all I suppose, just would of been nice to have baby hamsters, and yes I would of had room for them all.

Work is alright, back to closing for a week while Baker has taken the week off, not too bad, I think I kind of miss closing actually. I haven't been getting much writing done, none in fact, I hope to have something written in the next seven days, before I start school, because then I really won't have any time for writing.

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