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Fruit Loops French Toast Rounds

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Fruit Loops French Toast Rounds

I wish I took pictures of the process but what I did was:

  1. Separate the fruit loops according to their separate colours. Was a bit harder than I thought as a lot of the green looked like yellow, and a lot of the orange and red looked similar, as well as the red looking like the purple. When in doubt I would break it in half to see the colour inside.
  2. I ground them all up fine in the Robo Coup.
  3. I made the egg mixture with eggs, a little bit of cream and cinnamon.
  4. I cut the french bread into rounds with a circle cutter. #80 for the outer circle, and #30 for the inner.
  5. I dipped the bread in the eggs and then dusted them in the fruit loops. Had to be careful as they got very fragile.
  6. Cooked them off on the griddle, the colours dulled a lot when cooking, was very bright and fruity to a more dull colour, that's from the browning as the eggs and bread cooked. Not much I could do about that, but still had a lot of colour to it.
  7. Eat with maple syrup and enjoy!

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