Aug 17 2012 - Aug 11 2013

Football Game: 2012-08-17

Went to a football game that Diana won tickets at work to. The was good, the Bombers won it. They had a bad start but quickly tied things up and then took the lead. I found the crowd quite annoying though, very loud, very into it. I think a prefer a baseball game where you get a nicer quieter crowd. Plus they were out of pretzels, which I really love. I also really disliked the cannon that shot every time the Bombers scored, I was actually hoping we would stop scoring so that wouldn't fire anymore, but I really don't like fireforks either, the kind of person I am.

We were seated up high, which also added to my tension, front row, so I spent the first quarter kind of nervous. We were on a bench instead of a chair, and the row behind us kept banging the back of the bench to make noise, wish they could have stuck to their own bench if they wanted to bang something. Hurt my back and after a while I just had to lean forward to avoid the vibrations, which ended up making my back pretty sore by the end of the game. I think this might have been the biggest factor to my lack of enjoyment, it's hard to enjoy something when you can't be comfortable. Diana says it's the fans that make the game, which is why they are so loud, but I don't really understand that, sure they can give a boost, but it's mostly the players doing everything. Altogether I don't think this game is for me, I would prefer to stick my quieter games of baseball.

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lissa - 2012-09-19 00:26:20:

I hate how they bang on the chairs too. they don't seem to do that on the other side of the arena though. I do enjoy baseball too but they do have rude fans as well. I don't enjoy how they heckle one or two players for the whole entire game.

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