May 02 2011 - Aug 11 2013

First Vote: 2011-05-02

Voted for the first time today, it was easier than I thought. I was expecting several lists of candiates to choose from, for the various levels, and maybe some questions like I keep hearing about in the states; like vote yes on prop 69 or no on 42 etc. It was just one list of candiates to choose from, and I voted NDP.

The basement drain is getting worse, can't even flush the toilet now without water coming up. Not much to do about it, we've had several plumbers in last year and they say our line is clean so it must be the city's line. It's probably bad right now because of the flood, but it comes up when it rains too, which I think it shouldn't do. We're putting in a new back flow valve because the other one broke when it came loose, hopefully this one stays in place.

EDIT: Diana just texted me saying the NDP is the official opposition. Oh well, least they came close.

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