Jun 21 2012 - Aug 11 2013

First Cavity: 2012-06-21

I went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago and he said I would need a filling. The next week I went and it turns out they still use needles to freeze your mouth (I assumed a gel or gas). I was unable to open my mouth for him at this time and when asked if I was okay I said "I'm fine" and walked right out. I came back this week with some pills to help calm me down. I don't know if they were working or not, I still felt pretty nervous, but I didn't want to go back a third time and I had Diana with me this time so I managed to keep my mouth open.

I've noticed a square cut out of the chain link fence behind the raspberry bush. I'm not sure who would do that, the neighbours, or someone else. I want to patch it as soon as possible as it's really bothering me now. Who would cut out a part of a fence, too small for humans but big enough for animals. No wonder the cats get out of the backyard now.

The cats are fine, Shadow's chin seems completely healed now, though Beastur now has a bladder infection.

The Aurora Project continues at a decent speed. A new hard drive has arrived (2TB in size) to help store the files. This will be the Aurora drive. I hope to get my side fan spinning again when I put this drive in, though it never lasts.

Work is good, working both jobs and loving it. Hu's has taught me a lot, I've been using slurries at the Four Points now to make a lot of sauces, instead of reductions. It's a whole different way of doing things, and I think I've improved a lot culinary speaking since taking the second job on. My banana sauce for example from this week's special is thickened with a slurry, where before I would have added butter or something. I've learned new vegetables, and new ways to prep old ones. New ways to cook food, lots of great experience.

I've been dealing with Jeff a bit better, getting less angry. I will stay in control and make sure everything comes together for our guests. I realize somethings are out of my control, like him getting angry at a greek salad being punched after ten, it's not hard to make, if it makes the guest happy without screwing over the kitchen I say do it. Jeff is lazy so he would say no, that salad isn't available after ten. He isn't there to serve, he's there to do the bare minimum and get out. But as I was there I ensured he made the salad, though he told the bellman in the future not to punch them in after ten, and that is beyond my power, I have to know my limits, I can do my best to make sure the service goes above and beyond while I'm there, but I am not there all the time. While I will always go above and beyond (cutting guests steaks for them yesterday), other people will not, I just have to deal with that fact. It's not bringing my work down, as much as I think it is, I will still get people who remember me or the hotel for what I did, and hopefully they come back, even if they get served by people like Jeff sometimes. It is better to do my best and make the guests receive the best they can, than it is to just give up on go down to Jeff's level of just doing the minimum.

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