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Facebook Donations: 2017-01-26

I think a big part of donating is letting go of your items emotionally as well as physically. When you donate something you give up all control of that object. In most cases you never know what the person does with it, where it ends up or how it is used. You have to assess if the person you are helping is someone you want to help, and I think personally help should be unconditional. However if you have any conditions such as "You must personally use the items I am donating", then be upfront when donating that if they can't use it you would like it back. Don't assume there is a mutual understanding as that is when issues can arise.

When you donate you are also donating future rights to that item, the ability to donate or sell it (unless you expressly said otherwise when donating). Sure Facebook is different but think of when you are donating to many other organizations, like thrift stores, you don't know how it ends up. You need to be willing to part with it as potential income as well as the item, that is part of the donation, the monetary value of the item. One thing to remember is you are donating to them because they are down in their luck, to expect them to be able to make donations as well in their current situation is unrealistic. Ideally they will use it for a few years or some period of time until they are better off and then pass it on. However they may be in need now and can't wait. It may not be for it's exact intended use (their personal use), but to me it's still it's intended use (helping out that family).

People often get donations from multiple sources and may have doubles or items they don't need. If they choose to sell these items then think of it as an indirect monetary donation. As long as it is helping out the intended person, and they aren't lying about their needs I don't really see an issue with it, sure it would be nice if they "passed it on" but they might still need a lot of help in other areas. Like if someone got a lot of clothes donations but needed diapers, why not sell some of those clothes to pay for diapers? If they aren't really in need or are using it for personal gain I would be upset, but otherwise I try to assume the best of the person and know that they are being helped. That's why I give when I do, to help that person, and that's all that matters to me.

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