Mar 05 2011 - Aug 11 2013

Emptied CD/DVD Cases: 2011-03-05

I've emptied out all of my movies, TV shows, CD albums etc. into 4 stackable cases, taking up a lot less room than it did when I had them all in cases. I am hoping someone from Reddit will take the cases off my hands for me, rather then just throwing them out. It looks a lot cleaner now and I have a lot more shelf space.

I seem to be fully addicted to Runescape again, and I love the new approach they are taking, bringing back free trade, the wilderness, and adding the chat filter; the game has a whole new tone now. I'm currently five quests away from re-taking my quest cape, but it might take a while as I still need to level some skills.

Work has been nice and busy the last few weeks, kept us on our toes and me working hard, few small issues but nothing major. Got angry at Jeff, he was taking stuff from my side of the line to stock his side, and lots of other smaller things that add up over the week. I think it's my fault a bit too, I'm too passive aggressive towards him, I just need to take charge more and not let him do things that piss me off, though it's just so much. I'm truly happy when I put out great food, that is what makes me happy, to serve. I try to make my entrees better and better, always improving, taste, presentation, method etc. Then when he throws up a shitty starter salad for my entree it takes away from what I do, leaving fingerprints on the plate, just no style, under/over cooking stuff. I want them to have a great start to the meal so my entree/pasta finishes it off nicely, get their hopes high and fulfill it, but he takes away from that, and thus he takes away my happiness at my job. When he does anything on my side, he isn't doing it to my standards, often making a mess on my side in the process and just always messing up the sauce. I hate to see this because I just take so much pride in my work. Some people don't get it, but seeing others happy, knowing they enjoyed a good meal, my work, our team's work, is what makes me happy. When someone tells Tony it was a fantastic pizza, I'm happy because our team pulled through, that's what I do this for, making others happy; that's how I am happy.

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