Jul 01 2022 - Jul 01 2022

Election Candidacy Announcment: 2022-07-01

Hello friends, family, followers, and what have you! After a lot of thought and conversations with some close friends I have decided to attempt to run for councilor for the East-Kildonan - Elmwood ward for Winnipeg in the upcoming election. There are still some hurdles before this becomes official and I want to hear from all of you first. I am looking for support & encouragement, but I will also need actual help. Firstly a campaign manager/official agent to do this with. Someone who will want to see this through with me. If you are willing or know someone who would like to, please message me.

I feel with my experience with POWSA Village (Parents of Winnipeg & Surrounding Areas), BUY/SELL WINNIPEG, running and helping with other groups I will be a good fit to help and represent the people of our ward. I have developed communication skills, organizational skills, drive, and a willingness to help that I feel will work well with the job at hand. I will be responsive, available, accessible. I will work to improve our area and leave a better future for all. I will listen. I have worked for many years in the culinary industry, often in a leadership role becoming a red seal chef. I hope to apply those leadership skills in city hall and our community to make our area safer, more active, more engaged. I hope to be able to communicate and listen to many of you on what your priorities are, what you need to improve your quality of life living here.

I am not sure I will win. Having an election with an incumbent is always a challenge. I am just an average person with no big political connections, who just wants to do their best to help out the people of the community. I won't be able to take months off work to go campaigning. I won't be able to host a dozen fundraisers to pay for all kinds of advertising and expenses. I lack many advantages that may make an election easier. If I do get the job though I know I will work hard for all of you. I will answer calls, texts, messages, e-mails. I will find answers to whatever you may need. I will help people deal with city hall, help support local businesses. I will be there for 4 hard working years, always a message away. Those of you in my Parents of Winnipeg group or Buy/Sell Winnipeg know how dedicated I can be to help those in need. Always will answer messages as quickly as I can and will work to look into things and get back to you.

I appreciate all the support I can get from local friends. I do also appreciate all the support and words of encouragement from my global friends as well! **If I am to actually move forward with this I will need a campaign manager, volunteers, an official agent/treasurer**. I will need lots of help and support to make this work from people who think I will work hard for them. Please help me make this happen, I'm here, I'm listening, and I'm ready.

Ryan Kochie for Elmwood - East Kildonan Municipal Ward

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