Jan 07 2013 - Aug 11 2013

Driving History: 2013-01-07

I got an automatic failure for failing to stop at a yield. I was always under the impressions if there were no cars coming at you you were not required to stop at a yield (maybe he didn't see me check for cars is what my instructor said).

I got another automatic failure for failing to establish (where I drive into the middle of the road for a left hand turn and wait to finish my turn). He said I had three chances to establish but I never saw them. My wife later got into an accident after she established, where she was sitting there waiting to complete the turn and someone rear-ended her. MPI said it's her fault, no matter how little she was sticking out. Which makes me a little angry because MPI says you're at fault if someone hits you when you establish, but I will fail my test if I don't establish.

Another failure I got was going to fast in a school zone. I thought because it was summer time I didn't have to slow down, so that one was my fault. Of the three times I've failed I am most upset about the yield, because I believe that was safe driving, but there is no way to contest it, their tester's word is law. This was all on the one on Regent by the way. I have since given up on my license and just bicycle everywhere. It's not so bad and it keeps me in shape. It's a little rougher in winter, but I just take the bus on days that it freshly snows or Diana drives me. I use my passport for my ID and have had no problems with that.

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