Feb 17 2022 - Feb 17 2022

Dream Of Snowpiercer: 2022-02-17

Something about the snowpiercer show just gets to me. Just on the train, think destined to die, some kind of time travel or a time loop. Was running from the ones who wanted to kill me. There was a town but off the tracks, if just went a bit south would see its not all winter. But was on a loop and some transforming bear or something who wanted revenge because I killed them? And train was 4 stories high but no matter where I went couldn't get away, running through tunnels and passages again. Just get fixated on that show, maybe just tired of winter.

Also found a basic chef knife while biking to work the other day. Sharpened it up, tip is a bit missing but otherwise it's a nice find. Keeping it at work, see if it disappears or not lol.

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