Jun 13 2009 - Aug 11 2013

Drafts Section: 2009-06-13

I finally created that drafts section in my admin area that I've been meaning to. I hope this means I'll be writing more, and maybe even better as this allows me to easily edit pages before putting them up. I was fiddling around how to do it for a few months, often simply removing everything I was working on for the last week and starting over. I've finally found a method that I like though, and it suits me well.

On Thursday went to see the Goldeyes VS Wildcats play at Canwest Park. Goldeyes won, but got sunburnt a little. Was wearing my sunglasses and now there is a very visible line where the glasses were. Just my nose got burnt, Diana got burnt on her shoulders and arms as well, she burns easily. We went to Assiniboine Park afterwards, had a good time walking around.

Work is going good, I keep getting better at it. I've been closing for a week or so now on my own, they're going to have my on hot side next week though, so something new again. It will be a lot of pan work, I think I'll be okay, but trying to remember what goes in each entree will be difficult.

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