Nov 01 2007 - Aug 11 2013


In a world without light a small girl sleeps,
A small girl whom dreams of despair,
She is trapped in the dark,
The one sighted person among the blind of that world,
Calling out for a hero to save her,
Though that fool is long dead.
She alone can stop the shadows that will come to our world,
Except first she must stop the darkness from devouring her very soul.
She dreams of our dark future,
Wrapped in the dark mists of chaos,
The souls of the damned crying out for mercy.
I in turn dream of her,
Trapped in the dark for eternity,
With no one to free her.
I myself cannot help her,
For I am dying or already dead,
Only God truly knows.
I have already dreamt of her for a dozen centuries,
As I am unable to move caught up in the agony of death,
I will continue to dream of her unable to help,
Just watch her in anguish as she needlessly torments herself with despair,
For she torments herself with being unable to help our future,
Unable to stop the despair that lays ahead for us,
For all of us including me,
I am already stuck in the despair that apathy brings.
For others their misery will be different,
Forever to watch their children die,
Forever to watch the world destroyed by the follies of man,
Forever to live in a world of continuous pain.
Some people might call this existence hell,
Of course I know better,
This reality is God's gift for discovering intelligence,
With all the emotions that come with sentience,
We have been given a blessing and a curse in empathy,
Feeling for the pain of others,
I have known the blessing during my lifetime, and now it is time I know the curse.
She herself forever caught up in the pain of our destruction,
Knowing that she could avert disaster,
If she were not trapped in her own darkness.
We are caught in a perpetual cycle of despair, for all of eternity.
We are as two mirrors, forever revolving around each other,
Dependant on each other to continue reflecting, though neither wants to reflect.

I wrote this in school, I thought I was just writing about a fantasy world, maybe I'd do a short story on it later, but then later I realized I was writing about the eternal torment of Hell. Even though I don't believe it really exists, and that God would be more forgiving than eternal damnation, this is how I feel Hell would be like, watching other's suffering and being unable to help. It would put your own suffering aside, for though you are in great physical pain, the mental anguish would be far greater, at least I hope it would be for this is the gift of the human species, we help each other, and if more people in the world felt empathic like the character in this short poem, the world would be far better off, for who would hurt another being, knowing the pain they feel would be greater than anything they can do? I believe it is through Hell that we can truly know Heaven.

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