Jan 08 2013 - Aug 11 2013

Dentist Visit: 2013-01-08

Went to the dentist today. It went pretty well this time. Turns out I only qualify for one check-up a year, but two cleanings so it was just a cleaning this time. She said there is a definite improvement on my teeth (I'm pretty proud of that). I've been brushing pretty regularly, and flossing as well. One of my quickest appointments to date. My teeth don't hurt as much and there wasn't nearly as much blood as there usually is. She said I still need to work on my canines a bit (they stick out a bit so they are harder to clean), and just the teeth in the very back. Hopefully in the next six months I continue to build strong gums (remember to brush the gums as well as the teeth).

Also submitted my application for my red seal, very anxious to hear about that now. Worried I won't qualify for some reason, hope to take the exam as soon as possible though. Need to study more.

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