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Chapter 1: Death Of Mr. Zimmerman and Mrs. Adams, The

The gunman appeared as if out of nowhere, standing at the foot of the bed, watching the couple sleeping soundly. His features are unable to be made out in the gloom of the room; he appears as a shadow from the shadows. He has a strong build to him and seems to move nimbly as if he could move with the summer breeze. The couple are dimly lit by the glow emanating from the streetlight outside the bedroom window. They are both in their early 50's, both having straight brown hair, the woman's naturally being longer than the man's. Their faces were barely visible, and their faces looked like but shadows. The man woke with a start, as if suddenly awoken from a nightmare. It was almost like he knew what was going to happen tonight, the man cloaked in black thought. He looked around, as if troubled by something he can't quite figure out, but he seemed to fail to notice the other man in the room with him.

He calms himself down and drinks from a glass of water left on the nightstand. His face comes into the light for a brief second, revealing a scar cutting across his right cheek. He turns towards his wife, taking a hold of her in his arms. He strokes her hair softly, feeling the strands slide through his fingers. He then places a gentle kiss on her forehead before going back to sleep, still cuddling the woman he loves. Ominous the assassin thought, the man kissed the woman right where he was going to shoot her, almost like a kiss of death he thought grimly to himself.

It was time. The gunman pulled 2 pistols out of his coat, each equipped with a silencer. He points them at the happy couple, clicking the safeties off as he did so. He hesitates. He hesitates some more. He never hesitated before, why was he starting now? Perhaps the couple sleeping soundly in each other's arms reminded him of something, but as quickly as the thoughts appeared in his head he brushed them out and pulled the triggers. There was a loud popping sound, as if a large staple gun had just gone off, but as quickly as the sound appeared it went right back into hiding. The couple died instantly, together, without a single noise being heard by the sleeping neighbours. Their grip on each other tightened as that last instant of life was taken away. He felt a pang of regret, strange; he kicked that thought aside as well. He disappeared into the walls, a ghost fading silently away.

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