Oct 12 2022 - Oct 12 2022

Daily Musings: 2022-10-12

Ryder just telling me how Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs is actually a horror movie. You see if it rains food and no water then all the plants are going to die, so then there will be no air for people and every is going to die in what he deems "total death".

Cinnamon is being such a kitten again, acting 10 years younger. She lost a bit of weight when she was sick and a bit more due to food competition with the new kitties, and never realized how much that few pounds made her a lazy kitten. She is running around the house again, active all times of the day, I saw her actually do the side to side pounce which she hasn't done in years.

Campaign going strong, 2 weeks to go as of today. I feel good about it, done all I could do, and it's made me a better person for running, talking to people, learning a lot about the process and our city. We have a lot of hurdles coming up, too much sprawl is a big one, which takes away our budget for other major issues such as poverty. It feels like a mountain to climb, but one I will do my best to climb and make a path for others.

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