Oct 11 2011 - Aug 11 2013

Daily Jeff Rant: 2011-10-11

As usual Jeff's lack of skill is annoying me. I was really busy and had no time to cook rice, and was running out so I asked him to make it as he was working in the back (it's one of the things we try not to let him do). He ended up not washing it so it was all starchy, and when it was done it was under cooked, like his pizzas. I needed it for an order and had to take a long time cooking it in the pan as it was still so raw. At least check to see if the rice is done/good before saying it's finished, check your product. Cooking rice is a basic skill in this trade. I also had him finish off the tomato ragout, which actually turned out good. He didn't have much left to do, but at least that didn't get messed up.

He went to go do chicken today, and shortly after starting the box he said (not exact words, but same wording) "This is going to take a long time, I'm going to go for a smoke break before I finish this". He leaves it out on the counter for the next twenty minutes as he goes for a smoke break, add that to the thirty minutes it takes him to do chicken the chicken breasts were out for fifty minutes.

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