Oct 01 2016 - Oct 01 2016

Creepy Short

I take my wedding ring off and place it on the night stand next to a picture of Phil and place my phone under my pillow. I read my book alone for a while before going to sleep. I miss my husband so much when he's overseas, makes it hard to sleep.

He climbed into bed slowly so he doesn't wake me. I'm lying on my side facing the wall, away from him. He mimics my position and hugs me from behind. I shiver a little bit as his hands brush against my skin.

"Sorry, I'm just really cold. Let's cuddle."

I let him cuddle into me, taking in his unusually bone chilling cold. It's always him that warms me up. My phone vibrates, it's Phil, saying good morning from Japan. Terror snaps back into me as I slowly creep my head around to see what I am cuddling with.

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