Jun 11 2011 - Aug 11 2013

Cin Had Her Kittens: 2011-06-11

Cinnamon had her kittens on Thursday, shortly after I left for work so I missed the big event. She of course decided to have them right beside the towels we set out for her, but that's okay we'll be ripping out that carpet in a few months anyway. There is a black one, a black and white one, and a tabby, they have yet to be named. She is such a frantic mother, running back and forth whenever we open up the door like a crazy thing. She has calmed down somewhat, but the second one of them makes a noise she dashes to them. It was cute when the black one wandered off from the basket and she tried to bring it back, but she kept dropping it because one of the other cats would cry out, so she kept going back and forth between her babies. I helped the black one on its way, and they've pretty much just been sleeping so far.

We went to the baseball game today, it was close, 5-4. We got 4 points in the sixth or seventh to tie, but they managed to get a point and we missed out on one.

Diana graduated on Friday. The person calling out names was very exact, 14 seconds between names, only off by half a second here or there. We had dinner at the Fort Garry Hotel, was alright, as with all expensive food we had small portions, which I didn't mind since I was still pretty full from Boston Pizza at lunch. Wasn't a big fan of the salad, not exactly my thing, it was just lettuce, and we had oil for dressing, I think it was for the bread but we used it for dressing anyway. Chicken and desert were good.

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