Oct 13 2008 - Aug 11 2013

Carrie: Locker Room Taunting

Carrie White wasn't like the other girls, she was raised differently then them, she was taught different things, she believed different things, her mother brought her up different. All in all that is exactly how she came across, different. It wasn't as bad in elementary, when they were closely watched, or Junior High when they would simply leave her alone, but now in high school, and this being their last year, everyone seemed to be after her, to get in their last laughs at her expenses before moving on to become writers, accountants, stoners, nobody's, somebody's, leaving her behind, to be thought back on from time to time with a guilty remorse.

It was getting near the end of the year, and everyone was talking about prom. Everyone except Carrie White of course, she wasn't that interested in the prom because of course no one would take her, and right now she was fine with that. It was right after gym class and all the girls had just finished showering and were starting to put their clothes back on. The atmosphere was one of excitement, as everyone was talking about who was taking who, what they were going to wear, how they were getting there, everyone except Carrie of course who was silently getting changed in the corner. She had just finished putting her white panties on when a group of girls came over, led by Chris Hargensen and Norma Watson, who was wearing her red baseball cap. Most of the girls still haven't even started getting dressed, and the vast majority, including Chris and Norma, were still naked.

"So Carrie," Chris said with a hint of malice in her voice, "who's taking you to the prom? Wait don't tell me, John Smith right?" All the girls laughed heinously at the horrible joke.

"Carrie," Norma asked, "how does it feel to be the only senior who can't even get a junior to look at her?" All the girls cackled again.

Carrie was scared, the other girls had surrounded her, and now there was no escape from their endless torments. She didn't know what to do, and she started to cry.

"Oh no wonder the boys don't like you, you're still a great big baby!" Chris squealed.

Carrie tried moving and Chris pushed her back. Carrie was now in hysterics as all of the girls stood around her laughing at her, taunting her, making as many jokes as they could at her expense. Every time she tried to get away Chris or someone else would just push her back. Chris was yelling at her now, tormenting her beyond relief.

"Look at the big baby everyone! Don't let her get away now, she needs to be looked after! She just keeps crying!" Chris shouted to the cheering laughter of the other girls. "Norma the baby is acting really bad, I think it's time for a spanking!" and now the other girls were really cheering Chris on, excited about the spectacle they were about to witness. Carrie was screaming for them not to, she kept , but no one was listening.

Norma began to move in, "Carrie don't make this harder than it has to be, just bend over and try not to take it like the baby you are." she taunted. Eventually with the help of two other girls they managed to hold her down and Norma began to spank Carrie's round ass. Carrie struggled as much as she could, but with the two girls holding her down she couldn't get anywhere. Her ass started to hurt very quickly, as Norma was beating the poor girl as hard as she possibly could.

"Don't let the babies diaper soften the blows!" Chris cried out.

All of a sudden one of the girls started pulling on Carrie's white panties, lifting them higher and higher, exposing Carrie's already red ass. If the girl's weren't so loud right then you could hear the smack of flesh on flesh as Norma continued to beat Carrie's ass, faster and harder as she was getting more excited being cheered on by all of the girls. The girl pulling the panties apparently pulled too hard as they begun to rip. Chris noticed this, and to Carrie's relief told Norma to stop the spanking.

"Let's rip that diaper off!" Chris screamed. "Rip it off! Rip if off!" and soon she had all of the girls chanting with her.

Norma began to help the other girl rip Carrie's panties off, and they pulled harder and harder, higher and higher to get it off. The wedgie was driving Carrie insane, they were pulling all over, so her ass and her pussy were hurting so much, especially her pussy, which she tried to never really touch. The panties would rip in spots, but it was still sticking together, when the girls noticed something about the front of Carrie's panties.

"Eww Carrie, don't you use pads? Your diaper's all red now." Chris laughed out.

Carrie looked down and she saw blood coming from her pussy, her panties were all red, and it was getting worse as they began to soak in blood.

She touched it and it was starting to get over her hands as well now. She was horrified, she thought the wedgie had caused her pussy to start bleeding. Everything began to spin around her, she felt so dizzy. She screamed her loudest yet, the kind of scream that could send goosebumps up your back. All of a sudden all of the lights in the locker room went out. The girls let go of Carrie, and the lights began to flicker on and off as Carrie screamed. When she was done the lights went back on, and Miss Collins thundered in, she took one look at the mess that Carrie was in, her torn panties and her red ass, and saw that she was covered in blood, and roared at the girls,

"Just what the fuck is going on here?!?"

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