Jun 30 2011 - Aug 11 2013

Calvin's Drooling: 2011-06-30

Started work on the bedroom, started Saturday, got the new floor finished yesterday, five days is pretty good for us. Just need to paint (which we've gotten all set up to do) and we're done. That leaves the basement, guest room and kitchen. We have someone coming in to do the kitchen, and the bedroom we'll do after we give the cats away.

The garden is doing nicely, would like to do some landscaping around the house, but no time, need to fix the sidewalk along the side of the house.

Calvin started drooling last night, and has been getting it all over the house. At first we thought it was urine, but under close observation we found out it was coming out from the other end. He got into the catnip pots yesterday, not sure if that was it, Diana is taking him to the vet tonight.

Work has been good, a nice Jeff free week, though I did lose my Tuesday and Wednesday mornings for a bit (hopefully not too long).

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